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Canta Canta MERCH

When I heard 'Canta Canta' I was immediately catapulted to Brazil. I visualized colors, emotions and contrasts very bright and after meeting Dj Shorty, I understood why: his passions are for South America, the bright colors and the monkeys, animals full of energy. With those percussion in my head I started to draw, research and think and in the end I chose to develop the symbol of bananas, a typical bright color fruit.
After the request to create garments and styling for the official video, the collaboration was born naturally: I would have created a merchandising made up of different graphics, made and sewn with different methods: some bananas would have been embroidered in contrast with the fabric, others painted and others printed. I created shirts, tees and bandanas with a printed sketch of mine.
This experience was all-encompassing for me as it allowed me to blend styling, design and modeling: I loved following a process that, starting from the creation of a video, led to the production of a merchandising. The team I worked with was fantastic and the magic on the set was fundamental to face the project with absolute positivity. Find the official video below and for any curiosity you just have to write to me.